Everyone has stepped into their office feeling that they would rather be somewhere else. We get mired in our daily work from time to time. You can do much by yourself with self-guidance. For example, turn the situation upside-down and think how well you can do your boring chores. Do them with excel!

This does not always work as we are mere humans after all. One way to get over this is to see your fellow developer/tester/geek/wizard blazing with energy after he/she has found something new or is just enjoying the art of writing beautiful code. You can ooze energy from your fellow workers.

If you find yourself fascinated with something new, let it show! This is a good way to stealthily help your fellows to gain motivation and enthusiasm. Inspire them by being passionate.

Enthusiasm and passion are what separates good coders from the great. And in my humble opinion, anyone can become a great coder. You just need to find your passion for it!

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