Chad Fowler’s book The Passionate Programmer is a must read for everyone interested in gaining motivation for work and tools to handle your daily job.

It is divided into 5 chapters each concentrating on a different subject, but all tightly knitted together to make the reader more successful at their work. This book can help you become remarkable in whatever you do.

2 chapters are dedicated to getting and staying in the job you want (Executing &. Marketing – Not Just for Suits). There are some good advices how to make even the most dullest job feel like a joyful picnic in the park and how to get noticed at work. Some advices can be considered a bit selfish but todays business world is a bit ruthless so to a degree selfishness is ok. Altruism does not necessarily land you a job, you know (but it can keep you employed)

The remaining three chapters are even more useful. These three chapters, “Choosing Your Market”, “Invest in Your Product” and “Maintaining Your Edge”, give excellent advice and tips how to develop yourself and keep your skills honed at every moment.

Self-learning, conscious and constant guiding of your focus to new areas is the key. You need to find the passion and motivation for your job so that learning becomes an integral part of your professional life. Chapter 10 title says it all, “Love it or Leave It”. If you can’t find your passion for your work, you should reconsider what you want to do. We spend almost 50% of our waking hours at work so it better be something you like.

There are three advices that stand out

  1. Be the worst – always work with people that are better than you, there’s no better way to learn than from the masters. When you equal your peers it is time to move on.
  2. Find a mentor – a senior with deep knowledge can take you far.
  3. Be a mentor – always help others to learn, it pays back in so many ways.

When thinking this from the Agile perspective it fits perfectly. This is the essence of Kaizen. Constant improvement. You learn something new, it is the new status quo and then you realize that you can learn more. And the Kaizen cycle is ready. This time you just apply it to yourself.

Constant self-development and fascination with new things are at the very core of a developers life. It is parallel to technological evolution. There is always something new bubbling under and you need the passion to find it and learn it. This way you will stay on the edge and maintain your skillset.

This book can help you on your way of finding your enthusiasm and passion for developing software and creating a remarkable career.

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