Every time I read an interesting book I try to usher others to at least skim the book before declining to read it. Almost every time my gentle suggestions get turned down. There are numerous reasons for not reading that book, here are the most common ones:

  1. It is work related, why would I want to read anything related to work?
  2. I don’t get paid for reading
  3. I will not read anything work related on my free time
  4. I have too much work to do

With a little bit of persistence and correct wording you can get over these obstacles. Let’s start with tackling those rejections!

  1. You want to do a good job, thus you must improve yourself and your skills. By reading you will learn new things.
  2. You get paid for doing good work, becoming a better employee should then mean that you get paid better?
  3. You spend half of your waking hours in work. If you do not enjoy it, find a new job that you like. If you do enjoy, then becoming better at what you do will make the work even more enjoyable.
  4. If you improve your skills you can achieve more in a shorter time. Become an expert. Start by reading related books.

Now, there you go. Start ushering people to read and learn. Self-improvement is continuous effort.

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