Lately our dear and tall Product Owner wanted us to present a clear and achievable goal for our development backlog. Which makes sense, since even our own efforts to improve our own work needs a plan.

So, I presented my initial thoughts of DoTS to our team. The team, which consists of 8 (including me) very seasoned old dogs, immediately jumped on the topic and found many deficiencies in it. Which made me proud of my team. I got several viewpoints that I hadn’t thought of and we made many improvements and refinements into our initial DoTS.

It is not ready yet but our team is working on it and producing an ultimate goal for ourselves. DoTS has taken off well and I’m very certain that it will improve our daily work and eventually lead to a test environment that is easy to use and which produces test results of our large and complex system in a timely manner. Which, by the way, is not a trivial task since we are working with a very mature and large system (some would call it even legacy ;-).

DoTS has potential so consider defining and adapting one!

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