For the last few weeks I’ve been reading and learning Scala. It is a new language running on top of JVM. It has almost all one can wish for ;-)

Scala feels familiar to me because its syntax and features remind me of Perl 6. You could imagine it being a hybrid of Perl6 and Java with functional programming on top. Compact syntax and ability to write scripts are broaden the usability of Scala. In addition it is a pure OO language. Everything is an object, even operators, consider

1 + 2

is equivalent to

(1).+(2) // or1 .(2)

Cool :-) I just can’t wait to learn more! This language scales with you as grow and learn more.

As Dean Wampler and Alex Payne put it in their book Programming Scala

Scalability = Functional Programming + Objects

Resources to start with Scala:

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