Today I was not physically present at work but managed to take part into various chats regarding our work. With the help of our wise Scrummaster we now have two short term goals that are simple, well defined, achievable and small.

When reached each short term goal will provide a full CI environment for one productized component. Thus, we are now in a position to plead for one or two sprints focusing only on CI work. In a relatively short time we could achieve a lot that would help us in the future.

This is a very good start. Hopefully we will shortly have a DoTS that would cover all of our components. Then it would be trivial task to estimate when we could be fully CI compliant.

With DoTS we have already received quite a lot of praise for being initiative and proactive. And it has felt good from our perspective too. We are finally taking what is ours, the responsibility of our code base and the freedom with it!

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