Recently in my futsal practices, my side was taking a beating. I had absolutely no clue why. On paper our team composition was better than our opponents. We had one substitute enabling us to keep up a huge tempo. There shouldn’t have been any obstacles for us, we should have won majority of the short games we played. But no. We lost a huge majority of them.

The team consisted of our regular players, we knew each other well and play football together during the summer.  But still there was something wrong and we were lousy. Later that night I thought about it and I realized what went wrong. We didn’t play as a team. We didn’t have clear rules how we play. We didn’t agree the intervals for substitution.  We didn’t have tactics nor strategy.

We should have decided that substitution interval is short enough to allow enough field time for all. We should have agreed how we play, in what formation and what are our key focus areas tactically.

In other words we didn’t have clear agreement on how to play together. We were missing our working agreements.

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