It’s getting closer and I am excited. We, meaning me and my partner in crime, have prepared close to 130 slides for the 2,5 day training. That may sound like a lot comparing to the simplicity of Scrum. This is not just a Scrum training. We are presenting our way of doing things. What has worked for us during the year and a half of transformation and what has not and what are the issues we are still struggling with. We present an example how it can be done.

First we will go through the idea of Scrum presenting the manifesto and principles of Agile. Then we will continue with the artifacts and roles present in Scrum process. We will have hands-on practices which will yield working agreements, definitions of done and a rough schedule for their sprints. Product owners will learn how to do release planning with Scrum.

During the second day we will concentrate on breaking down what work Scrum actually contains, what kind of work and objectives there is. We will have sessions for grooming the backlog and planning the sprint as well as for demoing the results of a sprint and having retrospectives, inspecting the past and adapting.

The half day will then be spent on visual management which aims to satisfy the upper level managements needs for seeing progress in some reported form.

But, then I have 5 hours just for myself. I will be giving a primer in Test-Driven Development. Being a newbie myself I hope that it will work out at least on some level and that I don’t screw it up :-P But that remains to be seen.

I also hope that I am able to affect these people and leave  a positive mark in their minds. Hopefully some of my enthusiasm stays behind and infects them with a yearning for improvement!

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