It’s already day two of our training. After surviving the jet lag (at least I am hoping I have survived) and a good night sleep the first day seems to be a success.

On day one we went through Scrum as a process on a more theoretical level. We had quite many exercises and as a result the teams (all 6 of them) now have ways of working an definition of done agreements done. They also groomed and defined acceptance criteria for few preselected user stories. We also emphasized some of our good practices and experiences how problems can be tackled. The teams seem to be taking well the idea that they can affect their own work. They seem enabled to question their Product owners in a constructive manner and some teams have already done that. Good progress.

We started the second day with backlog estimations and had lively discussion about story points and how you can reach a consensus within a team. Sprint planning was next and we are about to start an exercise which will produce few stories with detailed tasks defined. Just waiting for everyone to return from their lunch!

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