I’ve been learning Scala and during the process I have tried two different IDE setups, Eclipse and IntelliJ. They both can integrate Scala and provide syntax checking, test executions, code assistants and so forth.

I’ve been working with the Scala 2.8.0 release candidates so the environment has fluctuated a bit due to the changes between RC’s. Anyway, so far IntelliJ has been by far superior when it comes to project setup and stability. Scala IDE works pretty well but it hasn’t yet, in my opinion, reached the maturity of IntelliJ’s integration.

Writing unit tests with xUnit is simple, just drop in ScalaTest. Specs work nicely too, especially with jMock!

Scala Tools provide lots of useful stuff so grab what you need. I really loved Maven Scala Plugin since it made project creation a breeze.

The internet is full of good tutorials on Scala, one very useful entry point for Java programmers is Code Commits Scala for Java Refugees. Jonas BonĂ©r has some good articles too. And let’s not forget the main Scala site itself. Documentation, Scala downloads, tutorials, resources, code examples, you name it.

Scala is good.

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