I have a positive problem. I need something to code with Scala at home. I’m kind of bored with code kata’s though practice is never bad for you. I just want to do something with a meaning, something more challenging. Maybe even something that someone could use and benefit from.

So, please suggest something! Existing open-source projects, new ideas, anything!

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  1. My current pet project is http://dimdwarf.sourceforge.net/ and it should be “something more challenging”. Most of the new code in that project will be in Scala. The current status of the project is described at http://groups.google.com/group/dimdwarf/browse_thread/thread/d33fa6a6a3868bd0 Contact me through that mailing list if you’re interested in joining and want to know more. :)

  2. Thanks Esko!

    I’ll take a look asap. Dunno how much I could contribute (maybe lots of dumb questions) since I am truly a Scala beginner ;-) But we’ll see!

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