I was supposed to continue my 7 languages journey, but I didn’t get Io installed as fast as I had been hoping for. I’ve seen too many C compiler errors in my life that I felt slightly annoyed that the tool chain for Io compilation requires some effort and new tools have to be installed to my dear Kubuntu. So, in a moment of flux, I actually installed Ruby on Rails 3.

There was something about Ruby that intrigues me so I convinced myself that I must do something with it. And the easiest and maybe obvious choice was Ruby on Rails and a web application. I’ve heard that it does amazing things to developer productivity so I might as well give it a shot. Now, I’ve had an idea for sometime about a very simple browser based utility which I actually might try to implement now with RoR.

Of course I will enhance my Robot Framework skills by trying do this web app in true ATDD style. Starting with one user story, writing a Robot test for it, running the Robot test and seeing it fail and only then starting to think how on earth am I going to implement this thing with Ruby and more specifically how do implement it doing TDD with Ruby (or should I try BDD with RSpec)?

I will get back on track with Io as soon as I find the strength in me to spoonfeed the compiler and to satisfy the linker…

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