Ok, I’m done with Ruby for a while. That little webapp I had in mind turned into an app that would require quite much javascript (jQuery, jQueryUI) with very small amount of Ruby code. I may have to come up with an idea for a command line tool written in Ruby to explore Ruby and exercise my skills properly by removing all the cruft that comes with web apps.

Anyway, suddenly I found myself browsing the Netty documentation. I’ve always had a secret crush with IO so with a little free time in my hands it was a perfect opportunity to explore Netty. Thus, my journey to 7 languages was turned into 7 languages and one framework as I wrote a very crude chat command line application using Netty.

Netty provides very good documentation and the chat app was up and running in very short time. The biggest obstacle was actually generating an executable jar file with dependencies using maven. And even that was solved in less than 10 minutes. So, Netty seems to be an excellent asynchronous, event-driven network application framework. I hope that I could use it for some serious coding @ work!

Now that I’m derailing once again form my original plans, I may have to come up with more strict wip limits for my journey so that I can actually move forward into the direction I want to instead of jumping around everything that seems even remotely interesting.

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