Lovin’ it already. And today was my second day at Nitor Creations. I got a new laptop (Lenovo W510/12GB mem, i7 quad-core!) with win7. Well, I have very little knowledge  how to work effectively with windows so the inevitable happened and Kubuntu 11.04




stole the boot sector. Some issues with stability though, most likely due to NVidia drivers, which were at least partly solved by installing nvidia-current and running nvidia-xconfig and nvidia-settings as root. So far this has been the best work setup I’ve ever had, plenty of memory and CPU power, the OS I want and no prohibiting policies or idiotic restrictions. Just the way it should be. Anyway, had to make some loops to get Adobe AIR installed so that I could install Tweetdeck (sigh.). Skype was fortunately a painless installation.

Albeit slightly annoying, the tech issues are become fun in the end and after some struggles it was a joy to join again the Nitor irc-channels. So many like-minded geeks there (I was at the office, others were at the customer sites). And immediately there was a  debate about mocks and unit test quality, just the way I like it. Smart people with different views, ideas and wide experience provides very fertile ground for tough discussions and a good place to test ones ideas. And a very supportive group it is. Everyone willing to help the new guy.

I think I’m gonna like this place a lot!

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