My History With Computers


My first computer was a Commodore 64 which I got at the precious age of 8. Immediately we started copying games with two-deck cassette players. Ah, it was so exiting to record the counter values and write them down on the cassette slips. C-64 also gave me my first glimpse of programming. I guess every kid on the block wrote this

10 PRINT "Hello World!"
20 GOTO 10

Then there was the legendary code prints of full games in MikroBitti. Oh, we typed them character by character. And in the end, if there were no typos, we got a new game! The journey had begun!


In junior high school I took computer/programing as voluntary courses and wrote some simple graphics with Pascal. Just drawing circles and squares on the monitor :) At the same time I continued to play with PC’s from Olivetti and ICL (Intel 486‘s). At the beginning of the 90’s I even wrote a naive text-based adventure game with my friend which was completely based on if-else statements. Every single action was executed with long logical if-else branches making the game development quite a chore. Of course game playing was a significant part of my computer usage. Then, almost accidentally, I started my studies in EVTEK (polytechnic) majoring in software development at 1998.

My first real programming language was C. Then came Perl and Java 2.


I started my software development career in May 2000. In May 2002 I graduated as a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology from EVTEK. I worked at Comptel for almost 11 years and currently I work at Nitor Creations. Since 2008 I’ve been involved in the agile world and I am a member of Agile Finland. I am an aspiring software craftsman.

An interesting side note is that I am a software developer in second generation. My mother has programmed with punch cards and later with COBOL and FORTRAN on mainframe computers. I guess I got the coding bug well before birth :-)

To be continued..

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