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Practicing My Art: It Can Be Delayed

Darn. My pet project got delayed. Mainly for two reasons. I got the flu (responsible employees get sick only on holidays) and our dog is suffering from diarrhea. That means I have spent majority of my time taking care of the dog and cleaning after her. Well, I will continue someday and will keep you

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Who’s in charge?

Today I’ll rant about the same thing. Management in Scrum environment. I had the unwanted pleasure yesterday to witness one of the most rudest intrusions of team autonomy. Our Scrum Dictator wanted that the team space, the sacred living quarters of the team, to be organized exactly the same way as other spaces nearby. Despite

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Hijacking the process

I have witnessed it. Actually I am witnessing it at the very moment. Someone without a Scrum role (remember, Product Owner, Team, Scrummaster) dictates how the process should go. How should individuals behave. This time the problem is in bad leadership from the line manager. This disturbing person sees only black and white. It is

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