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Got: A New Pet Project

With thanks to Esko Luontola I now have a pet project. It’s called Dimdwarf. A direct descendant of RedDwarf but with some additional finery (the biggest difference being that managed references are invisible to the developer). The project was written in Java (some helper scripts with Ruby) but all the new code is written in

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Wanted: A Pet Project

I have a positive problem. I need something to code with Scala at home. I’m kind of bored with code kata’s though practice is never bad for you. I just want to do something with a meaning, something more challenging. Maybe even something that someone could use and benefit from. So, please suggest something! Existing

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Starting with Scala (IDE’s, tools etc.)

I’ve been learning Scala and during the process I have tried two different IDE setups, Eclipse and IntelliJ. They both can integrate Scala and provide syntax checking, test executions, code assistants and so forth. I’ve been working with the Scala 2.8.0 release candidates so the environment has fluctuated a bit due to the changes between

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