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Tweakin’ tweakin’

Whew, lot’s of tweaking done, blog posts imported from blogspot, tags created and added and so forth. Much more to be done, not least getting rid of the old blog and make it point into this direction.I haven’t even started to add new pages not to mention transferring my other www-stuff in here. WordPress is

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The Site.

Ha, this is it. As funny as it is to hack everything together from the scratch, sometimes it just isn’t worth it to reinvent the wheel. So, the platform is WordPress. Just started to customize the layout and there are lots of things to learn from the features. Expect new pages in addition to my

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Tweaking my www-presence

Just bought a domain from Only 1.07$ a year. Ridiculously cheap! It’s so cheap that it’s worth the struggle through their complex and pushy marketing web pages. In short time I will start to enhance my web presence with my own domain. I’ll rewrite my current, simple and static site. I will split the

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