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What’s up Doc?

Lovin’ my work and colleagues at Nitor Creations.

Currently working as a developer for a large Finnish company creating and maintaining webapps and backend systems. Mainly coding with Java. Some sidetracks include Perl, which is pretty cool. Learning Clojure at the moment (what a nice language!).

Still involved in the Finnish Agile scene as a member of Agile Finland committee. Organizing Scandinavian Agile Conference and other smaller events. Improving and learning all the time. Feeling stupid too often.

Contact Information

My email address is in format of Check the site domain, my first name is Jussi, I bet you can guess my last name ;-)


I am an Agile advocate. Totally passionate about agile processes and kaizen, continuous improvement, that is. I have a passion for Agile methods and Comptel provides me an Agile environment (Scrum), to some extent at least. We are still in the middle of our agile transformation. This gives you a perfect opportunity to affect your own work and the ways you work. I still develop software for operations support systems for telco’s and other service providers. It is a very challenging and complex problem domain and added with large legacy code base even more so. But, that just makes life more interesting! There is so much room for improvement and learning.

I am very enthusiastic about software development too. I’m Just Another Perl Hacker, I love Java and I am very interested in learning Scala! I have also expanded my toolbox with TDD. I have been bitten by the testing bug too!

An interesting side note is that I am a software developer in second generation. My mother has programmed with punch cards and later with COBOL on mainframe computers. I guess I got the coding bug well before birth :-)



  1. Hi really enjoyed reading your blog, quite amazed at how similar we are in terms of our passion for Agile and also the unconscious competence that you demonstrate from your blog. Keep up the great work, look forward to seeing your progression using Scrum. I myself have been using scrumish techniques for some years although I don’t regard it as Scrum yet as we have many organisational constraints(people) which we have to deal with.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Kevin!

    @ work we’ve been doing Scrum for roughly ~2 years now. As they say, revolution is hard. The agile awareness has now reached a level that we can, without anger or resent, evaluate ourselves and adjust when needed.

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