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Trying to see the big picture with Kanban

Awesome start at work! I’m in a team of four very experienced and smart people, we have a product owner who is tech-savvy, knows what he wants and sits in our team room! On top of that we have an excellent room where single every wall is covered with material that you can pin stuff

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Scrum – is there a role for tester?

Simple question, heard quite often though, has a simple answer, yes, there is a role for testers in Scrum. In the following I try to clarify why.  And as a prerequisite a assume that we are talking about an intelligent tester, not just some simpleminded clerk who can execute ready-made scripts. Why a tester is

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My first training pt. II

It’s getting closer and I am excited. We, meaning me and my partner in crime, have prepared close to 130 slides for the 2,5 day training. That may sound like a lot comparing to the simplicity of Scrum. This is not just a Scrum training. We are presenting our way of doing things. What has

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