Here are some short writings about what I think is important regarding software development and why. This is very much work in progress.


That’s it. You just can’t make it in the software world without having skills. Good skills. And you have to hone your skills all the time. I mean all the time. Find the passion in developing yourself. Invest some time to yourself and learn something new. It will be worth it.

Put trust where it belongs

Don’t tell professional how to do their job. Engage them intellectually and provide new viewpoints instead. You can’t harness creativity or insight. You can’t force effectiveness. Trust that the people doing the job know how to do it. Be an enabler.

Quality is a state of mind

Always leave the campground cleaner than you found it.


Find your enthusiasm. If you can’t find it, I guess you are not in the correct business. Change it! Do exactly what you want and with the people you like to do it. Settling for less is just stupid. It is your life and career after all

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